Ana Gago Martínez

Contact information:

Departamento de Química Analítica y Alimentaria

Facultad de Química (Campus de Vigo)

Universidad de Vigo

As Lagoas-Marcosende 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Telf.: (+34) 986 812 284

Fax: (+34) 986 812 556



Room 17, 2nd floor (Facultad de Química)

Research lab 9, 2nd floor

Research interest:

Head of the group "Chemical Análisis of aquatic biotoxins, environmental and food pollutants" (CI8 group).

Main topics:

  • Development of modern methodologies to carry out the chemical and toxicological analysis of natural and anthropogenic pollutants present in the environmental and food, basically aquatic biotoxinas and a variety of persistent organic pollutants (pesticides, alchilphenols, PAH’s, bromated hydrocarbons, etc.).
  • Analytical immunochemistry: Development of immunochemistry based analytical strategies for the previous treatment of complex matrices and for a fast analysis.
  • Clinical analytical proteomics: Development of analytical strategies for the proteomic analysis of plasma, serum and tissues with therapeutical and clinical diagnostics purposes.

Selected research contributions:

  1. Molares Vila, P. Rupérez Pérez de Arriluce, E. Caso Peláez, A. Gago-Martínez. Development of a new magnetic beads-based immunoprecipitation strategy for proteomics analysis. Journal of Proteomics (2010), 73, 1491-1501.
  2. Sandra Rellán, Joana Osswald, Martin Saker, Ana Gago-Martinez, Vitor Vasconcelos. First detection of anatoxin-a in human and animal dietary supplements containing cyanobacteria. Food and Chemical Toxicology (2009), 47, 2189-2195.
  3. Rosa Carmina Cervantes Cianca, Rafael Durán Barbosa, Lilian Rosana Ferreira Faro, Luca Vidal Adan, Ana Gago-Martínez, Miguel Alfonso Pallares. Differential changes of neuroactive amino acids in samples obtained from discrete rat brain regions after systemic administration of Saxitoxin. Neurochemistry International (2009), 54, 308-313.
  4. A Gago Martínez, M.J. Nogueiras, S. Rellán, J. Prado, M. F. Alpendurada, W. Vetter. Optimization of solid-phase microextraction for the Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry analysis of persistent organic pollutants. Journal of AOAC International (2004), 87 (4), 1021-1027.
  5. María J. Nogueiras, David Castejón, Roland von der Rocke, Joachim Melcher, Ana Gago-Martínez, Walter Vetter. Gas chromatographic study of technical diphenyl ether penta-, octa- and decabromo derivatives. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (2004), 13, 3-9.

Departamento de Química Analítica y Alimentaria. Facultad de Química (2ª planta). Universidad de Vigo (Campus de Vigo) 36310 Vigo, España

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